Computex 2015: In-Win Going for the Kill

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Over at the In-Win booth a lot, seriously a lot of chassis are on display including the 805, 808, 909 and that all new H-tower. More after the break.

So in-win has a new series of chassis, some hate them, some love them. But the latest frame and tempered glass design chassis certainly look fantastic if you ask me. After talking with them we made a promise to review a bit more for them in the future so be sure to keep an eye out, as yeah … perhaps they have been under-appreciated a bit too much here at the website, and boy they do make some cool kit alright.


The 909 you already have been introduced to as well as that fantastic H-Tower transforming chassis (video here), seeing is believing and that thing is amazing, although sure a bit gimmicky. For the H-Tower the ASUS demonstration model was present as well, I have a photo of it. 

New in the line will be the 808, also with tempered glass and capability to house upto E-ATX motherboards. A slightly more simple model tagged 805 will be released as well, this is a standard ATX version. But man, the 909 is just great. 

The new 909 is a ATX full-tower constructed of high quality brushed aluminum panels and an aluminum frame. To top it off, there's a cool tempered glass side panel. Front panel connectivity flows inwards. 

The chassis can house up-to E-ATX motherboards and has 8 expansion slots. Graphics cards may be up-to 320 mm in size and CPU coolers up-to 180 mm in height.  Front panel connectivity includes USB 3.1 Type-C connector and 3x USB 3.0 Type-A, and HDA audio jacks. Have a peek at the photo's made at their booth at the Nangang exhibition.

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