Computex 2011 - Noctua to release new CPU coolers

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It is always nice to meet the guys from Noctua. As you all know we've tested pretty much all of their offerings and evangelize them a lot, their products are high-end, somewhat expensive but always worth every penny as the cooling capacity is awesome and the sheer silence always great.

Noctua has been working on a new fan, and you might just say a fan is just a fan .. well not for Noctua, pure and sheer science at work is what you are about to see and what they have been developing for two years, can you imagine that ?

we can't help it, but we are fans of their fans. Currently I lack the background info from a PDF they have send out as Internet is so fricking bad over here. But have a close look at the photo-gallery as these are the most advanced fans in terms of research and development I have ever seen.

Cooler wise there will be some new models introduced as well, take a closer look at the upcoming cooler there are some prototypes in there as well. Sorry for the lack of info, but the internet is caving in here at the moment. In a later stage (next week) I'll likely post some more information on the new models and that new fan, which very much draws my attention. Check out the gallery here.

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