Computex 2011 - ECS shows lots and lots like X79

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ECS is paving the way on Computex with a huge booth and lots of products on display, some know others all new. We already mention the Z79 based (PCIe 3.0 for the win !) motherboard, but also you'll spot the A990FXM motherboard, which we told you the specs about a little already. BTW when you enter the photo gallery, have a peek at the Southbridge chipset, see that logo on there ? When the chipset gets hotter, the logo will slowly turn red and this will be an indicator of heat.

Other motherboards in our photo gallery include the Z68 motherboard, A75 Llano motherboards, H61 motherboards and also some photo's on the new revision AMD E350 HDC-I2 motherboard, which is great for browsing and HTPC usage.

Be sure to check out the CDC-I, With Intel CedarView from which we heard that it won't be using Intel graphics, instead the company has extended its licensing with PowerVR and we'll be seeing an SGX545 graphics core in these new Atom processors. A significant step for Intel as it indicates a move away from its own graphics IP for the entire series of CPUs.

The gallery also entails some graphics cards, ebooks and for the ODM market, Touch PCs and Intel Oaktrail (Atom Lincroft Z670 processor) based pads, yes it is interesting is to see that ECS is working on some pretty nifty Tabs, all of them Intel Atom based running Android or Windows 7/8. In a session with Intel today we must note that a lot of progress is being made on their implementation versus software support. Some pretty interesting stuff is in the pipeline.

Anyway, check out the photo-gallery here there are roughly 30 photo's in there.

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