Comet Lake Desktop CPUs reportedly run hot, 80~90 Degrees C

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Over in Asia, a bunch of people is testing the new 10th Gen Comet lake desktop processors. There are however reports on Twitter that the new processors run hot, quite hot even.

According to the early leaks, the high-end model, the Intel Core i9 10900-series, will require a lot of power and will run really hot. We already shared some power states last week, and they have been confirmed to be 170W (P1) and 224W (P2) under maximum conditions. So your average TDP under all-core load looks to be 170W whereas P2 is an absolute top thermal threshold.

The temperature under load reached an ~90 degrees Celcius range with a normal air cooler and seems to be hitting 80 Degrees based on LCS. It is, however, a bit unclear what coolers are actually used and what the test conditions have been. Also, we have to assume ES samples have been used.

Much like Generation 9, Comet Lake and Rocket Lake S is still based on Intel's 14nm process and thus once again be based on the underlying microarchitecture that is Skylake. Comet Lake, however, makes a step towards 10-core processors with Intels Core i9-10900 series that has 10C/20T fabbed at 14nm+++ and due for release in Q2 2020. The figures are to be taken with a grain of salt and thus caution, please. 

Comet Lake Desktop CPUs reportedly run hot, 80~90 Degrees C

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