Colorful To launch GTX 1080 with Liquid Cooling block

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Colorful is going to launch a founders edition GTX 1080 with liquid cooling block. Basically you drop an extra 100 USD for the Premium reference cooler, which you then remove and again drop an extra 100 USD (yep you just ran to $799) for the liquid cooler.

I'm seeing some irony here :) The water block is made by Bykski, a Chinese water block manufacturer that offers a very similar aesthetic to EK's water block designs. The block from what we understand is bundled, you'll need to install it yourself. 

This GPU will use the same PCB design as Nvidia's GTX 1080 Founders Edition and will likely come at similar clock speeds at stock, but the GPUs built in water block should allow overclockers to easily achieve higher overclocks without hitting any thermal limitations.

Colorful is very active inside the Asian market. This water cooled variant of the GTX 1080 will be releasing after May 27th at an unknown price.

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