ClockTuner 2.1 Can Bin Certain Ryzen Cores to 5.0 GHz

Clock Tuner for Ryzen has been brought to Beta 2.1; however, let me make this very clear before you start emailing me; this version is not yet available for public download. However, the update can be attractive as the Hybrid OC feature brings 5 GHz in the vicinity for individual ZEN3 Ryzen processor cores.

Yuri ‘1usmus’ Bubliy posted a few new slides on his progress. CTR is designed to automate this process of fine-tuning your Ryzen processors based on ZEN2 or ZEN3. The upcoming PX Profile is still under development; thus, it may change before the release, but it would make it possible to get part of the cores of a Ryzen 9 5900X running at a clock speed of 5.025 GHz while the vcore voltage is even slightly lower.

Bubliy has gotten the fastest threads of a Ryzen 9 5900X at 5.025 stable, while the vcore voltage has dropped from 1.475 volts to 1.450 volts. Of course, there is no guarantee that the other CPUs will also run at these clock speeds; that depends on the chips' quality. The remaining threads run at slower speeds for stability reasons. The diagnostic program will also be 30% faster with CTR 2.1 without compromising the measurements' accuracy.

New from YURI is that if you like early access to the beta download (Clock Tuner for Ryzen 2.1), you'll need to be an early access patron, at the sum of 14.50 EUR ex vat per month. The public release has no date set just yet, but Yuri mentions upcoming spring. 

ClockTuner 2.1 Can Bin Certain Ryzen Cores to 5.0 GHz

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