Chromecast Wi-Fi Drop Out Issue To Be Fixed Today

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Google has announced that today that a solution for the problems with the Android Cast WIFI issues to be solved, the problem resides in the fact that a network will be flooded with data, creating drop-outs with the router and Wi-Fi connection falling out. 

Google has prepared a solution that will roll it out with an update via Play Services reports hardware info today. The problem lies within Android devices that are on a network where there is also a device that supports Google Cast. Say a Chromecast or Google Home speaker, also a TV with Android TV in which the function is built-in. 

An Android device presents itself via the router to the Cast device by sending mdns packages. Normally, a couple of data packages per 20 seconds, but due to the bug this is ramps up to more than 100,000 packages in a short time. This will either overload the router or the access point, which may shorten the internet connection or the Wi-Fi signal. For a long time the problem occurred, so that manufacturers of network equipment have already started rolling out their own patches. Among others, TP-Link, Linksys and Netgear have released previous updates and also Synology recognized the problems through online support.

Known Issue: Slow Wi-Fi performance with Android and Chromecast built-in devices
We’re aware of an issue where Chromecast built-in devices may be affecting Wi-Fi network performance.
Summary of Issue
In certain situations, a bug in the Cast software on Android phones may incorrectly send a large amount of network traffic which can slow down or temporarily impact Wi-Fi networks. The specific impact to the network will vary depending on the router.
Who is impacted?
People with an Android phone and a Chromecast built-in device (such as a Chromecast or Google Home device) on the same Wi-Fi network may experience this issue.
Solution and next steps
The team has identified the issue and is actively releasing a fix, which will start rolling out via a Google Play services update this Thursday, January 18.

ln the meantime, try rebooting your Android phone, and check that your Wi-Fi router is running the most recent firmware version.

Chromecast Wi-Fi Drop Out Issue To Be Fixed Today

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