Chinese website steals content from hardware websites

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Thief alert - In this post I like to warn webmasters and websites out there that a website called steals content from hardware review websites, they rewrite the content, steal the photo's and images and will re-brand them as theirs. This happens more often these days. Now we are okay with others using a photo or benchmark / screenshot or two, but ripping complete articles and posting them as theirs is definitely a bridge too far.

In today's example we'll take, a Chinese website that pretty much takes everything and anything from websites like  Just browsing this website we have seen articles ripped from HardOCP,,, TechPowerup, TechSpot and many many more.

We have tried to email but of course they are hiding their real whois info and emails, we are interested to hear their reaction (if we ever hear from them).Be warned though, these guys are frauds.

Update - the owner responded and is in the process of taking articles down as such we removed the links we earlier had in this news-item. We'll keep a close eye on this website. We urge other webmasters to check out the website as NIL articles on there are original.

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