Chinese researchers send 1 TB of data in just 1 second

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Chinese researchers claim to have achieved data transfer speeds that might propel China to the forefront of the worldwide competition for next-generation wireless communication, or 6G. 

Millimeter vortex waves, a form of radio wave, were utilized to transfer 1 terabyte of data over 1 kilometer in one second. According to a team led by Professor Zhang Chao of Tsinghua University in Beijing, more than 10,000 live high-definition video streams may be broadcast at the same time over the experimental wireless connection line established up last month inside the Beijing Winter Olympics complex. Many people believe that 6G will not be commercially accessible until 2030, with the first real use cases for this network occurring between 2026 and 2028. Latency in 5G is 1 ms. It will be 0.1 ms in 6G. This means that download and upload speeds will significantly increase. They have the potential to reach 1,000 Gbps.

It makes little difference whether these waves have a problem or not because their size increases as you move farther away from them and the signal diminishes, making it difficult to convey data at fast rates and across long distances. Despite the fact that Chinese researchers devised a solution in the form of a transmitter that creates a smaller vortex, the waves may still spin in three distinct directions to store more information. Furthermore, a receiver capable of receiving and decoding this data in a fraction of a second was utilized.

Chinese researchers send 1 TB of data in just 1 second

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