Cherry Reveals DW 9000 Slim Combo

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CHERRY, the specialist for computer input devices, introduces the DW 9000 SLIM, a wireless desktop set with rechargeable battery. 

The mouse-keyboard set combines innovative features, outstanding craftsmanship, and a trendy, ultra-flat design. For flexibile use, both Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz wireless connections are supported. The CHERRY DW 9000 SLIM desktop set has a modern look, characterised by an ultra-flat design to ensure fatigue-free work sessions. The mouse and keyboard have a matching visual design and look great on the desk of every style-conscious consumer.

Highest processing quality and robust technology
Not only the design but also the build quality of the DW 9000 SLIM desktop set is of a high level. CHERRY has integrated a massive metal plate into the keyboard to create a solid product that doesn't move around on the desk. The keys use SX scissor technology, combining a great typing experience with a long lifespan. The keyboard features abrasion-resistant laser-inscribed keys, rubberized feet, and status LEDs for Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, and Num Lock. Included in the box are four optional rubber feet to change the tilt of the keyboard.

Wireless mouse with useful features
In keeping with the high-quality, functional keyboard, the six-button mouse also offers many useful features. These include rubberized side parts and a compact shape for an ideal hand position. The sensor resolution can be adjusted in three stages at the touch of a button, from 600 to 1,600 dpi. The mouse wheel is optical for higher precision and the USB receiver locks to the mouse magnetically. A travel bag and charging cable are included.

Long battery life and easy charging option
The mouse and keyboard in this desktop set are equipped with durable lithium batteries for long battery life. They can be recharged using a micro-USB cable, even during operation. Status LEDs show the remaining battery capacity and indicate when the battery level is low.

Support for 2.4 GHz wireless and Bluetooth
Users can simply connect the DW 9000 SLIM to a compatible system using the built-in Bluetooth 4.0 functionality, or alternatively, use the supplied nano-USB receiver to establish a 2.4 GHz wireless connection secured with AES-128 encryption. Switching between the two modes is done by pressing a button at the bottom of the mouse and keyboard. Using this feature, users can connect the DW 9000 SLIM to a notebook and desktop PC at the same time, quickly switching between the two at the push of a button.

The CHERRY DW 9000 SLIM desktop set will be available from February 2019 at a suggested retail price of £80/€99.

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