Cherry MX Board 5.0 Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

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Cherry introduces the MX Board 5.0. This new mechanical keyboard distinguishes itself with customizable ergonomics. Equipped with reliable, high-precision MX switches and modern features, this product has been designed to meets the highest demands. The MX Board 5.0 also features an exclusive font which was created in cooperation with experienced specialists.

One of the highlights of the MX Board 5.0 is the patented ergonomic solution in the form of its extra-large and individually adjustable palm rest. Together with the specially developed feet, the keyboard offers eight different positions to achieve the greatest possible comfort. Long, fatigue-free writing and gaming sessions are no problem with the MX Board 5.0.

High-quality CHERRY MX Silent Red switches
The MX Board 5.0 is available with CHERRY MX Silent Red switches. This linear mechanical switch has an activation force of 45 Centinewtons, making it a popular choice in the gaming scene, but additionally offers a patented, integrated dampening solution for low-noise operation. These switches are exclusively manufactured in Germany and offer a lifespan of over 50 million actuations with an extremely high precision thanks to Gold Crosspoint technology. For those who consider the noise level of mechanical switches to be of no importance, the MX Board 5.0 will also be available in four classic switch versions: MX Red, MX Brown, MX Blue, and MX Black.

Comprehensive feature set and sophisticated design
CHERRY has integrated all the features into the MX Board 5.0 that a modern, high-quality keyboard should offer. These include high-speed key recognition, full N-Key rollover, and 100 percent reliable anti-ghosting. In addition, all individual keys are equipped with a white backlight which can be dimmed and allow different lighting modes. All of the technology is packaged into a high-quality aluminum case decorated with the CHERRY logo.

Exclusive CHERRY gaming font designed by Typemates
CHERRY has implemented one more unique feature, in cooperation with the German company Typemates. Founders Nils Thomsen and Jakob Rungen, who have many years of expertise in the field of font design, have developed an exclusive CHERRY gaming font that guarantees perfect illumination of the abrasion-resistant key caps. This rounds off the MX Board 5.0 with a fresh, futuristic look.

The MX Board 5.0 with MX Silent Red switches is now available for a suggested retail price of €159.


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