Check out this 'Laptop' with 128 Zen 2 cores, 6 screens and 58 TB of SSDs

In the category, fruitless but heaps of fun to read about meet the  a-X2P which matches a regular PC case, but with a curved handle. It's kinda portable with a handle and everything. A system in a case is probably the right wording here. 

US manufacturer Mediaworkstations offers these rather fascinating products, including the a-X2P. The system is in a case; The keyboard and up to six 24-inch displays can be opened on one side. Two Epyc processors from AMD are used - in the most expensive configuration two Epyc 7742s with a total of 128 Zen-2 cores or 256 threads.

The mainboard of the media workstations a-X2P provides 16 DIMM slots for up to 2 TB of DDR4 RAM including ECC support. Data carriers can be installed in the form of two M.2 SSDs, three 2.5 or 3.5-inch drives and a PCI Express plug-in card, which results in up to 58 TB of flash memory. There are also two graphics cards or accelerators up to Nvidia's Tesla V100 with a Volta GPU and 100 Gigabit Ethernet.

As you can imaging, this product won't come cheap though. If we cherry pick the most expensive configuration with two Epyc 7742 processors, two Nvidia Tesla V100, 2 TByte DDR4-ECC-RAM, 58 TByte flash memory, 100-Gigabit-Ethernet and six displays, it'll set you back a good 110,000 US dollars.

Well, if it comes to bragging right. Noice!

Check out this 'Laptop' with 128 Zen 2 cores, 6 screens and 58 TB of SSDs

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