Check out the beautiful demo of Unity Lion - runs at 4K @ 30FPS

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Unity demonstrated a film at 4K At 30FPS running on PlayStation 5 at the SIGGRAPH 2022 event, a computer graphics conference. It was built particularly for the presentation of the event, Lion.

This video is super short, yet it demonstrates incredible graphics ability. Among the highlights are the realism and portrayal of the two lions in the demo, particularly in the fur of the animals created with Wt Digital's new Wig hair and fur tool. According to Sara Hansen, Unity Technical Artist, the new writing tools are now much easier to use. Because of modern technologies, the procedure has moved at a quick pace.

"It took only a few weeks to construct Lion." "Some people move from weeks of work with other tools to only a few days with Wig," Hansen explained.

"The new Hair System published on Unity GitHub contains a new GPU-powered bunched hair simulation that allows millions of strands of hair to respond dynamically in real time." According to Unity, these technologies will be made available to the public as part of the Tech Stream 2023.

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