CES: NVIDIA shows Fermi

Over at the NVIDIA booth at CES NVIDIA mostly is showing off 3D Vision related gear, a lot of Tegra and ION items. But if you look a little closer, then you'll spot a nice screen with three monitors running 3D Vision. What's empowering that setup is in fact a Fermi based setup. So yea, it's abundantly clear that Fermi finally is closing in on a release. Now there where some rumor that the Fermi cards would be on display, and this is not the case. The cards you mostly see photographed at other sites are in fact not Fermi, but GTX 285 cards -- yes yes.

Anyway, this is all we can show your Fermi wise. Mind you that the three monitor 'Eyefinity like' support will become available with a driver very soon for not only Fermi, but also all GT200 based cards like GTX 260,275,280, 285 and GTX 295. Not bad we like that.


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