CES: Low power LED TVs on the rise

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One of the new trends on television land that is picking up real fast is the rise of LED TV's. We've seen huge numbers of them here at CES and the Full HD / Full 3D screens absolutely look amazing. What is interesting though is that manufactures absolute start to think about power consumption. Lowe power consumption now is a good selling point. For example in one of the photo's below you can see an LG screen that was 55" I believe, yet peaks at only a power consumption of roughly 150 Watt maximum (TDP). Now when yours truly bought his first HD Ready Pioneer 42" HD screen that was already drawing like 300 Watts with a bright broadcast.

It really is absolutely amazing to see the crisp image quality, rich detail and sharpness of these new generation screens that are so thing yet average only at 100 ~ 150 Watt power consumption. Nice ... very nice. If you look at the photo with the LG screen (most left photo) you can actually see the power consumption displayed below on the photo's. That's an LE8500 with Full LED slim design, a THX certified screen (yeah it's a new THX screening procedure), comes with netcast, HD wireless and has a 55" screen size.


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