CES: Coolit shows some great kit !

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At the South 4 booth of CooliT at CES the fine gentlemen are showing of some new cooling kits that will head out to the market somewhere in February. Based off the Domino ALC CooliT is about to release the Vantage ALC and ECO ALS units. Both address either the mainstream of performance markets of all-in-one easy to use liquid cooling. The new kits look amazing with totally configurable RPMs and a lot of flexibility. More on the topic of these coolers in a review of course.

Also worthy noting are new OMNI VGA Liquid coolers. The OMNI design is slim and incredibly sexy alright. They will mount on several VGA cards as the plates are interchangeable. What exact cards are support we do not know just yet, but CoolIT promised a wide range of high end cards including dual-gpu products. Check out some photo's.


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