CeBIT 2011 - Inno3D

We quickly hopped by Inno3D as well for a quick meeting. Inno3D is placing more focus on the European market this year and that's good news for us alright.

Amongst the NVIDIA GeForce based products on display  was a GTX 580 HAWK, the 3 GB model of this card comes with a custom cooling solution which looks pretty snazzy really. And for once, it's not an Arctic Cooling based cooling solution, completely custom.

You'll also spot a GTX 570 on a small PCB in the photo session, but most of all you'll like the iChill series GTX 580 which is water-cooled, have a good look at that. And then based on CoolIT solutions cooler, a liquid cooling setup based off their product on a GTX 580. have a good peek at that product as it just looks awesome. It resembles a lot of ideas and innovation that we got used to know with BFG. This one will be called the iChill Black series.

You can find the photo gallery here.

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