CEBIT 2010 - ASUS shows R5970 Ares

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ASUS is showing off their ARES graphics card over at CeBIT. The card is indeed based on a dual-GPU (5970) model. ASUS would use up all available stream processors (2x1600) and then opposed to the 5970 use normal clocks.

  • Normal clocks: (725/1000 MHz core/memory)
  • Ares 5870 clocks: (850/1200 MHz).

Now in real-life ladies and gentlemen .. this would just be an overclocked Radeon HD 5970 or simply the R5970 in Crossfire -- but likely with some more memory and a price tag over inflated.

It will be interesting to see though as ASUS would use a custom PCB with new VRM control and much needed power phases. The card will come packed with 4GB of graphics memory and should be able to get a X14104 3DMark Vantage score.

Over at CeBIT they are showing off 3DMark scores of P23917 whereas a regular 5970 these days scores 21.000 points.

The card will have good availability (not limited) and is expected to cost a staggering 1000 EUR. Here are some photo's courtesy of


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