Capcom announces Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo Release this Thursday

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Capcom announced that the Resident Evil 3 Remake demo is coming this Thursday, March 19. The demo will let us play the role of Jill Valentine, and work alongside Carlos Oliveira and UBCS to evacuate civilians from Racoon City.

There will also be a way to unlock a new game trailer after successfully completing a mission. As if Jill's battle was not daunting enough, Capcom also invites players to test their limits with a challenging treasure hunt for Mr. Charlie within the Raccoon City demo. Twenty statues of Mr. Charlie are scattered throughout Raccoon City; Can you search for them and destroy them all with Nemesis right on your heels? An on-screen counter will help players keep track of their purchased statues and a final count will be displayed at the end of the demo. ”

If you want to try the new Resistance mode, we also have good news for you. There will be an open beta from March 27, where we will take the role of Daniel Fabron, one of the masterminds behind the game. Daniel will conduct bioweapons and cheating experiments on a group of civilians. Players will also be able to choose to play as four of the six civilians, and attempt to escape Daniel's macabre experiments.

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