Buffalo WZR-600DHP2 Dual-Band WiFi Router

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Buffalo anounced  another one of its upcoming dual-band WiFi router, the WZR-600DHP2. The device is equipped with a USB 2.0 port, four LAN ports and one Internet LAN port, and supports for dual-band WiFi access point (11n/g 2.4GHz band – 11n/a 5GHz band). The WZR-600DHP2 will go on sale from early May for 10,500 Yen (about $107).

This is a google translated piece of text, so beware :)

Core Enterprises Ltd. Buffalo Melco Holdings (East and name 6676) Groups (: Nagoya, President: Head Office Kuniaki Saiki, following Buffalo) is, Wi-Fi two (wireless LAN) standard "11n / a (300Mbps : I will release Wi-Fi router that supports simultaneous use of standard value) "and" WZR-600DHP2 ":" 11n / g (300Mbps and standard value) ". I support easy configuration system that can also be set from the tablet and smartphone "AOSS2" also (patent pending). 
From the beginning of May 2013, are available through such as electronics stores nationwide. 

Wi-Fi communication has become a (standard value) 300Mbps in each "11n / g (2.4GHz band)" and "11n / a (5GHz band)," and this product, when you simultaneously connect multiple devices It is a Wi-Fi router to be able to use comfortably on. In addition, it is possible you want Ikitodoke the communication around the house by the high-power design with enhanced radio wave output. I will receive a stronger radio wave transmitted from the slave machine such as a personal computer or smart phone built-in two antennas in the body. 
It has a high speed routing function can utilize a high-speed optical line of 1Gbps classes available area is expanding, to support the smooth communication in a band with a margin throughput 938Mbps wired LAN connection at the time of (※).
It is equipped with systems that can be easily set up iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android in the smartphone / tablet "AOSS2". In addition to the person who does not have computer at home also allows the setting, also set from a Mac or Windows PC as usual and I can be done. Because it is not using the QR code and Setup CD to set in AOSS2, preparation of the QR code reading app for smart phones and personal computers without CD drives, such as Ultra book is not required. 
You can also take advantage of the shared data because it also has a port that can be used as a simple NAS to connect a USB memory and hard disk connected via USB2.0.

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