Buffalo WZR-450HP-C WiFi Router

Buffalo islaunches their newest WiFi router, the WZR-450HP-C. The device comes with a USB 2.0 port, four LAN ports, one Internet LAN port, AOSS2 function and supports for single-band WiFi access point (2.4GHz – 450Mbps). The WZR-450HP-C will begin shipping from late May for 13,125 Yen (about $129).

(Google translation): Core Enterprises Ltd. Buffalo Melco Holdings (East and name 6676) Groups (: Nagoya, President: Head Office Kuniaki Saiki, following Buffalo), see "LAN cable not broken nail" to Cable for connecting with internet access will release Wi-Fi router for high-power type that you included the "WZR-450HP-C". 
You can demand it, such as electronics stores nationwide from the end of May 2013. 

This product, Wi-Fi router 11 / g corresponding to the high-speed communication of 450Mbps (standard value) (2.4GHz) model. House every corner you can communicate by high-power design. Initial configuration can be completed in just smartphones and tablets, simple configuration system that evolved "AOSS2" is, can be set even if there is no CD drive also be set from a PC. 
In addition, it has adopted the "LAN cable not broken nail" for connecting LAN cable included.

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