BSOD to be no more and will be a GSOD

What everybody learned to know and understands as the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) crash intercept screen, nearly a cultural heritage of the Microsoft operating systems, seems to become something of the past. Microsoft gave an early Windows build a different color, a green GSOD. 

A big Windows 10 build leaked online over the Christmas weekend and that revealed things like described today, a Green Screen of Death, or GSOD.


At least it is that way in the preview builds for Windows Insiders, we do not really know as to why Microsoft would be making the move, other then that a green screens feels a bit more positive psychologically. Well that or to distinguish retail builds from insider builds in relation to customer support. Windows Insiders will the Green Screen of Death starting at build 14997, not officially rolled out just yet.

As to why Microsoft opted for the color green is yet to be known  ..

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