Blizzard Wins Lawsuit Vs. Private Servers

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Blizzard can add 88 million into their bank account after winning a lawsuit, filed in October 2009, against Scapegaming, which had been running an unofficial, emulated World of Warcraft server, bypassing the need for a game subscription from Blizzard. At the same time, the company was reportedly offering in-game items for real-money microtransactions under the ineffective guise of "donations".

According to the decision, Scapegaming made $3,053,339 in "inappropriate profits", which will be rolled into the total owed to Blizzard by Scapegaming: $88,594,589. The rest of that money comes from a paltry $63,600 in legal fees, and whopping $85,478,600 of statutory damages.

This should serve as a warning to any unofficial server operators, but if you've just got to make yourself vulnerable to lawsuit by Blizzard, don't be stupid enough to attempt to profit off of your venture.

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