Biostar TZ68K+ Socket LGA1155 Motherboard

Biostar releases a new, improved variant of its TZ68A+ socket LGA1155 motherboard, the TZ68K+. The new board looks almost exactly the same as its predecessor except for the stronger CPU VRM. The CPU is now powered by an 8-phase VRM, compared to the 4-phase VRM on the previous version. The VRM cluster north of the CPU socket has its own little heatsink as well. Apart from that, it's the same budget Z68 chipset based motherboard in the ATX form-factor that TZ68A+ was.

As far as we can tell, Biostar has only changed a single thing on the board, namely the VRM design. Biostar has moved from a 4-phase VRM design to what looks like an 8-phase design. Everything else appears to be identical, from the slot layout to the various peripheral chips used. Biostar seems to have listed a little bit too much to

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