Bethesda hints at new Fallout game

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Bethesda is teasing on social media and that points to something new for the Fallout series. Details are scarce though, it might be a new game or just a Fallout 3 remaster.

On its social media pages Bethesda is showing a 'Please Stand By' clip, and that clip is totally made in the Fallout style. Bethesda does not offer any other information. However as I can remember it, before the announcement of Fallout 4 back in 2015, a very similar teaser launched for a bit of a viral.  

There has been a live stream on twitch which hints at an anniversary edition of Fallout 3.

The two above clips are so amateurish that it is nearly embarrassing to watch, they, however, have been posted from the Bethesda account. It is likely that Bethesda will make more info available during their press conference on E3, which starts the 10th June.

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