AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990X Benchmarks and CPU-Z Screenshots (32-cores)

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Over at Computex AMD announced and demonstrated a 32-core Ryzen Threadripper processor. Things take a new turn today, as the preliminary first results of this CPU have leaked onto the web, through HKEPC, an Asia based website. The CPU will be called Threadripper 2990X.

AMD will be launching several new models including a staggering 32-core and 64-threads processor, it is based on a 12nm LP process from GlobalFoundries, also called Zen+. The 8-core dies are based on what is called Pinnacle Ridge architecture, four of them placed on the multi-core chip package. The new 32-core processor fits into the current SP3 socket with your existing X399 motherboard, accompanied by a firmware update you should be good to go. Again, it has four eight-core dies under that heat spreader, this new 12 nm 8-core "Pinnacle Ridge" dies to bring the advantages of Precision Boost II and XFR 2.0 into play. 


On a series of leaked screenshots, you can see CPU-Z with the 2990X running at 3.4 GHz base with up to a 4.0 GHz XFR. The CPU is listed with a 250 Watt TDP, which quite frankly still is freakishly impressive. The official version of AMD "Ryzen Threadripper 2990X" will be a B2-Stepping, 32 cores, 64 threads, with 3MB L1 Cache, 16MB L2 Cache, and 64MB L3 Cache. 


The chip also has been overclocked with merely an LCS cooler, yes they tried up-to 4.2 GHz on all cores (!), that did trigger something as the performance dropped compared to 4 GHz on all cores. So a thermal or power protection limiter likely kicked in. However, they ran up-to 4.12 GHz stable on all 32 cores - the chip at that point scored a staggering 6399 points in Cinebench CB15 in a multi-threaded run - a test run that could not have lasted more than a few seconds. They cooled this processor with merely a Corsair H150i PRO water cooler LCS kit. A release and availability date has not been mentioned though AMD stated that the lineup is in the works, you should probably expect a Q3-2018 launch for the initial SKUs.

What a threading beast - just wowzer.

Sources: HKEPC

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