Be Quiet! Announces Pure Base 500 Chassis

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be quiet! announces Pure Base 500, an ATX PC chassis for PC builders. Despite its compact dimensions, the new case has enough room for powerful hardware and features, like an interchangeable top cover and a mounting bracket designed to hold up to two 2.5" SSDs in the main chamber. 

Pure Base 500 is the first mass-produced case from be quiet! that comes in three base colors: black, metallic gray and white. Out of the box, Pure Base 500 is set up with a magnetically attached, sound-insulated top cover, featuring air-exchange vents towards its rear section. Pure Base 500 also includes an alternative, highly air-permeable top cover designed to decrease temperatures for water cooled builds using a radiator installed in the case's top. Radiators installed in the top section can be 120 or 240 millimeters long, while the front holds radiators with a length of 120, 140, 240, 280 or even 360 millimeters. Pure Base 500 is shipped with two preinstalled Pure Wings 2 140 mm fans with a maximum speed of 900 RPM.

Pure Base 500 is making the most use of the space dictated by its compact size. With support for an ATX motherboard, graphics cards up to 369 millimeters, a CPU cooler up to 190 millimeters, and long radiators, the case can house demanding gaming hardware using appropriate cooling components. To provide ample storage mounting options, Pure Base 500 uses a double HDD cage for up to two 3.5" drives (or one 2.5" drive) hidden underneath the PSU shroud. Two additional SSDs can be installed out of sight behind the motherboard tray, while an SSD installation bracket in the case's main chamber makes two more SSDs the center of attention. In total, users can mount up to five SSDs, or two HDDs and four SSDs at the same time. Power supplies can measure up to 259 millimeters in length, however, if a longer radiator is installed in the front, then the double HDD cage can slide a few centimeters back, reducing the space for the PSU to 225 millimeters - still providing more than enough room required by standard ATX power supply units.

To ensure silent operation, the insides of the front panel, closed window side panels and the default top cover are covered with sound-insulating material. Cable management is simplified by Pure Base 500's PSU shroud, included Velcro straps, and plenty of eyelets on the back of the motherboard tray. The SSD panel also serves as a passthrough for cables run from the back of the case to the motherboard or to the graphics card, and is detachable to facilitate the installation process. The PSU is easily installed with a removable bracket in the rear of the case. The full-sized bottom dust filter is easily removed by pulling it out from the front, without the need to move or disassemble the PC. 

The left and right front air intakes feature separate dust filters, while the bottom grip, used to remove the front panel, is also protected with a dust filter. Depending on the model, Pure Base 500 comes with a sound-insulated steel side panel or tempered glass side panel in three base colors: black, metallic gray and white. Specifically, the white and metallic gray versions of the case feature a clear glass-windowed side panel, while the black Pure Base 500 has a tinted windowed side panel. Pure Base 500 will become available worldwide in the middle of September.

MSRP: Global: $69.90 (Black), $79.90 (Black Window), $74.90 (Metallic Gray and White), $84.90 (Metallic Gray Window and White Window).

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