Auzentech X-Fi HomeThreater HD

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Auzentech announced its shipment dates for the X-Fi HomeTheater HD sound card. Reviewer shipments of the X-Fi HomeTheater HD will begin the second week of July. According to Auzentech the sound card will also go into full production at that time, enabling customer shipments to begin at the end of July.

"We are excited to officially announce shipment dates of the X-Fi HomeTheater HD sound card," said Stephane Bae, president of Auzentech, Inc. "We appreciate the patience of all our customers, distributors, and dealers who have waited anxiously for this sound card."

The release of the X-Fi HomeTheater HD sound card to reviewers and customers follows the completion of several rounds of testing by Auzentech staff to match the sound card to a full spectrum of home theater equipment. Auzentech reports that because the X-Fi HomeTheater HD is "a groundbreaking product in the home theater sound card space," its staff will actively support reviewers as they perform their tests.

The X-Fi HomeTheater HD is the result of cooperation between several companies that include Auzentech, Creative Labs, Cyberlink, and Silicon Image.

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