ATI Catalyst 9.5 XP|Vista and 7 WHQL drivers out for download

ATI Catalyst drivers 98 Published by ImageThough these drivers are not yet added to the AMD/ATI download pages, they are serving from their servers already. This catalyst 9.5 driver is WHQL and for the sake of it we label beta until the final release.

However, make no mistake .. this is the final release due on Monday. Go ahead and give them a try already we say :)

We setup a discussion thread over here where you can share your experiences on these drivers.

As such we mirrored these drivers onto our file-servers, you can download them here:

 bullet.gifATI Catalyst 9.5 Windows 7 | Vista WHQL 64-bit
 bullet.gifATI Catalyst 9.5 Windows 7 | Vista WHQL 32-bit
 bullet.gifATI Catalyst 9.5 Windows XP WHQL 32-bit

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