ATI announces Eyefinity (video footage)

Graphics Cards 1673 Published by ImageIt's the weirdest moment in time to release this particular 'technology' as only the upcoming and unannounced products (yes .. yes we are testing it) support it. But ATI today announces Eyefinity technology -- multi monitor desktop and gaming nirvana !

I'll make this really simple to explain .. you guys remember our Matrox Triplehead2Go reviews right ? Well, ATI's upcoming graphics cards will be able to drive one to six monitors per graphics card. We've seen this live in action, and it works pretty darn sweet. In fact you can combine monitors and get your groove on up-to 7680x3200 pixels separated over several monitors -- multiple monitors to be used as a single display.

Although you'll have to wait and see how ATI is bringing the technology to our homes, Eyefinity is looking rather nice. Now the really good part ...

Guru3D took some very exclusive (shaky cam) footage at a recent press briefing. The footage was taken with a Sony DCS T100 hence the poor quality, still you'll get the idea.

You can see HAWX at a 5000+ pixels wide by 2000+ high resolution on an unannounced product (one GPU only). Later on in the video some multimedia/desktop stuff. This is all we are allowed to show you at this time.

We have a discussion thread open on this topic over here, let us know what you think !

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