Athlon X2 7750 - Enable and unlock four cores

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A while ago we already reported that on some AMD Phenom II 720BE processors the 4th core could be enabled. It seems that the very popular Dual Core AMD Athlon X2 7750BE hasĀ four cores as well as it is Phenom based, though with two of them disabled.

Yet all can be enabled :)

This new' phenomenon' works exactly the same as back then with the Phenom II 720BE processors. In some older BIOSes you can enable Advanced Clock Calibration on your AMD 790 motherboard and after a reboot ... you might end up lucky with four active CPU cores.

Yeah it's really that simple, your processors will come back as AMD Phenom FX-7750 Quad-Core. Mind you that the two active cores 'might' be damaged and that it only works with some AMD 790 motherboards from ASROCK and BIOSTAR.

It's a bit of a luck of the draw really, can't hurt to try though. If it doesn't work, clear CMOS and yu are back to normal.

The biggest challenge however will be finding a 7750 BE to purchase. Currently I can't find it anywhere in the price lists.

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