At 420W the Intel Sapphire Rapids 56-Core ES CPU reaches 3.3 GHz.

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Twitter user YuuKi AnS posted screenshots of Intel's forthcoming Sapphire Rapids-SP 56-core CPU. No benchmarks, but we get a look at some of its specs.

Sapphire Rapids will use Intel's Golden Cove cores and Intel 7 node, formerly known as the 10nm Enhanced SuperFin technology. The Sapphire Rapids-SP has 56 cores and 112 threads. The Intel 56-core CPU features 112MB L2 cache and 105MB L3 cache. The top-tier EPYC 7003 features 256MB L3 cache. AMD's Milan-X processors have 512MB 3D V-Cache while Intel's Sapphire Rapids have up to 64GB HBM2e memory.

The YuuKi-AnS Sapphire Rapids-SP processor is an engineering sample (ES). So far, the 56-core component runs at 1.9 GHz base and 3.3 GHz boost. The single-core boost clock reportedly reaches 3.7 GHz. The Sapphire Rapids-SP chip (ES2 QYFS) had 1TB of DDR5 memory with CL40-39-38-76 timings. The processor was housed in Socket E (LGA4677).

If the information is correct, the processor is 350W PL1 and 420W PL2. However, the BIOS mandated power limit is 764W. The flagship EPYC Milan 7763 has a 280W TDP. The Twitter user did not specify the Sapphire Rapids-SP processor's cooling system. However, the Sapphire Rapids-SP chip reached 99°C.

Due in the second quarter of the year, delays have delayed Sapphire Rapids into the third. Also, AMD's EPYC 7004 (Genoa) series may debut around the same time. However, Genoa will use TSMC's 5nm fabrication node and AMD's Zen 4 cores. Genoa will also double the number of EPYC cores from 64 to 96, making Sapphire Rapids a 96-core, 192-thread monster. So Sapphire Rapids will be busy.

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