ASUS Updates X670 AGESA Firmware And Adds First Zen5 Granite Ridge CPU Support

ASUS has recently updated the firmware for its ROG Crosshair and ROG Strix X670E motherboard series. Named "1170-FireRange-Pi," the update advances the AGESA to version This enhancement paves the way for compatibility with AMD's upcoming Zen5 CPUs, specifically the "Granite Ridge" series designed for the AM5 socket. Importantly, this update highlights AMD's dedication to ensuring that future CPU generations remain compatible with the existing AM5 socket infrastructure.

The AGESA update is specifically geared towards supporting the new Granite Ridge processors, identified by the CPUID 00B40Fxx. This follows AMD's pattern of rolling out firmware updates to support new processor technologies, such as the Ryzen 8000G series APUs based on the Phoenix architecture. The initial support for these APUs was introduced well ahead of their market entry, which took place a couple of months ago. Also, this new update significantly boosts the support for DDR5 memory, now allowing up to 256GB.


Looking at AMD's previous release timelines, the introduction of this firmware update suggests that the launch of the Ryzen 9000 series, known as "Granite Ridge," might be on the horizon. AMD is slated to present at the Computex 2024 keynote, an event where it traditionally unveils significant updates to its desktop product lineup. While the exact release date is still under wraps, this event could provide more details on the Zen5 series.

The AMD Zen5 CPU series is rumored to encompass a range of models catering to various market segments. This includes the Strix Point, Fire Range, Strix Halo, and Granite Ridge models, covering everything from high-performance APUs to top-tier desktop CPUs. These new processors are expected to boast up to 16 Zen5 cores, offer a variety of power consumption levels, and come with integrated GPU options, depending on the model. According to insider info from ASUS and AM5 SMU charts, the anticipated release window for these products stretches from mid-2024 to early 2025.

Alleged MD Zen5 CPU Series Strix Point / Strix 1 Fire Range Strix Halo Granite Ridge
Target Premium APU High-end Mobile CPU Ultimate APU Desktop CPU
Type Monolithic Multi Chiplet Multi Chiplet Multi Chiplet
Ryzen Series Ryzen 8050 (?) Ryzen 9055 (?) Ryzen 9050 (?) Ryzen 9000
CPU Cores 12C (4×Zen5 + 8×Zen5c) 16× Zen5 16× Zen5 16× Zen5
GPU Cores 16CU RDNA3.5 2CU RDNA2 (?) 40CU RDNA3.5 2CU RDNA2 (?)
Default TDP ~28-54W ~55-75W ~55-120W ~65-170W
AI Perf. 45-50 TOPS
45-50 TOPS
Release Date Mid-2024 Early 2025 2025 2024 (?)

Source: ASUSAM5 SMU charts, table Videocardz, via HXL

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