ASUS Unveils the ROG RYUJIN III 360: All-in-One Liquid Cooling with LCD and Noctua Fan

ASUS has recently introduced the latest addition to their all-in-one liquid cooling solution lineup - the ROG RYUJIN III 360. This state-of-the-art cooling system comes with a 3.5-inch LCD and a Noctua fan, now up for grabs in the local market. The estimated retail price is approximately $369 USD (!).

The ROG RYUJIN III 360 is the eagerly anticipated successor to the ROG RYUJIN II 360, which debuted in September 2021. The latest model boasts an impressive upgrade in its internal memory, doubling from 16MB to 32MB, and an increased frame rate from 500 to 2,000 frames, ensuring a smoother video playback experience.

The cooling system showcases Asetek's 8th generation pump unit and a newly engineered copper base plate, incorporated with a cooling fan for the power supply circuit. The radiator fan employs Noctua's iPPC-2000 PWM, featuring a radiator measuring 120mm in width, 399.5mm in depth, 30mm in thickness, and a 400mm tube length.

The ROG RYUJIN III 360 is fully compatible with Intel LGA1700/1200/115x and AMD Socket AM5/AM4 platforms. The product hit the market late April, and is currently available for purchase on the official ASUS website.

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