ASUS RTX 4090 ROG STRIX EVA Graphics Card Gets Listed at $2,299

Newegg updated its product listings to include the ASUS RTX 4090 ROG STRIX EVA graphics card, observing a higher pricing trend compared to the GeForce RTX 4090's past stable prices. ASUS has rolled out multiple versions of these GPUs, with each subsequent release marked at a greater cost. While the initial Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of the RTX 4090 was set at $1,599, the current ROG STRIX models on Newegg have a starting price of $1,999 for the standard black design. A white edition of this card is available at a premium of $100 over the black version.

The EVA-02, the newest model in this series, incorporates design elements from the Japanese anime and manga series, "Neon Genesis Evangelion." Contrary to the purple aesthetics of EVA-01, EVA-02 showcases a red color palette, which is mirrored in related motherboards, chassis, and peripherals. The distinctive ROG STRIX design has been modified to align with this vivid red theme. As one of the pioneering US retailers to add this card to its inventory, Newegg indicates that the EVA-02 will be available for shipping by October 26. A point to consider is the card's price of $2,299, which is an upsurge of $300 from the initial model's rate, reports videocardz.


Regarding specifications, the graphics card maintains a length of 35.8 inches and integrates a triple-fan cooling system, taking up 3.5 slots within a PC build. The card utilizes a single 16-pin power connector. Under the cooling mechanism, the RTX 4090 model contains 16,384 CUDA cores. It also comprises 24GB of GDDR6X memory and has been factory-overclocked to achieve a speed of up to 2640 MHz. In the packaging, buyers will receive items that resonate with the Evangelion theme, which include four 8-pin to 16-pin power adapters and a multipurpose screwdriver that can function as a VGA support.

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