ASUS Releases ZenBeam L2 Portable LED Projector

The ZenBeam L2 is equipped with a Google-certified Android 12 TV box with Netflix pre-installed, streamlining the user's entertainment journey. Its in-built battery facilitates up to 3.5 hours of uninterrupted video projection, while a leather handle provides easy portability.

The device can project a 40-inch display from a mere one-meter distance and supports projections up to 120 inches diagonally. It maintains a native 1080p FHD resolution coupled with a 120% sRGB color gamut and seamlessly integrates with 4K HDR sources.

  1. Projection Specifications:

    • Resolution: Full HD (FHD) 1080p.
    • Brightness: 960 LED lumens.
    • Color Accuracy: 120% sRGB.
    • Projection Range: Up to a 120-inch image from three meters.
  2. Integrated Audio System:

    • Audio: 10W Harman Kardon speakers.
    • Additional Functionality: ASUS Light Wall feature for dynamic scene projections.
  3. User-Friendly Setup:

    • Geometric corrections: Rectifies off-center positioning.
    • Advanced Features: Autofocus and obstacle detection.
    • Connectivity: Chromecast and voice command capabilities.
  4. Environmentally Conscious Design:

    • Eco-LED light source: Mercury-free for reduced environmental impact.
    • Packaging: FSC® Mix certified material.

Convenience and Efficiency: The projector self-corrects for any off-center placements and boasts an array of corrections including geometric and four-corner adjustments, alongside vertical and horizontal keystone alterations. Its intuitive setup includes an autofocus function that gauges the distance between the screen and projector, adjusting within a mere three seconds. For enhanced user convenience, the device supports voice commands and Chromecast, facilitating content streaming from modern devices.

Sustainable Approach: ZenBeam L2’s emphasis on sustainability is evident through its mercury-free Eco-LED light source, ensuring pollutant-free clear imagery. The packaging further underscores this commitment, utilizing eco-friendly, FSC® Mix certified materials.

Pricing and Availability: The ASUS ZenBeam L2 is now available for purchase in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The recommended retail price stands at EUR 849.90.

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