ASUS releases Wingwall and Herculx graphics card holders

ASUS announced the ROG Wingwall and ROG Herculx graphics card mounts. These mounts are made to hold a lot of weight, which is common in gaming PCs. These customizable, easy-to-install system reinforcements complement existing ASUS and ROG graphics card reinforcements, like integrated stiffening frames and full-length backplates. 

They help DIYers keep their cards from flexing because of their size, and they make it easier for them to build their own PCs. For installation, the ROG Wingwall graphics card holder makes advantage of vacant PCI Expresse xpansion slots in a PC chassis. Its three mounting holes make use of existing slot screws or other fasteners to distribute the card's weight throughout the holder's ultra-tough aluminum frame and maintain the card horizontal.

The ROG Herculx is a simple solution that fits into most cases thanks to a PSU shroud beneath the graphics card. Its one-piece base is comprised of high-damping rubber and lays solidly on the shroud, allowing the holder to support the GPU from underneath. This vertical design gives consumers more space for shorter expansion cards or even ventilation, all while stabilizing the graphics card. To maintain long-term structural integrity, both the support column and the counterweight are built of zinc alloy. ROG Wingwall's versatile and changeable support platform slides horizontally and expands vertically to provide the ideal support area for graphics cards of virtually any design.

Installing the ROG Herculx is also a breeze. Its two adjustable mechanisms provide a wide height range of 72 to 128 mm, making it suitable with any house form factors - without the need of tools. With a turn of the onboard crank, the user may shift the support up or down, and the detachable bubble level guarantees that a GPU is properly level once the Herculx mount is in place. When removing the bracket, the user may release it slowly and gently with the push of a button to reduce the chance of injuring the graphics card or other components.

ROG Wingwall is equipped with an Aura Sync-enabled RGB LED array that generates synchronized lighting and 3D effects via two readily replaceable acrylic panels, combining function and design. The first plate comes pre-installed with a ROG logo pattern, while the second plate serves as a blank canvas for users to create their own patterns using the provided stickers. ROG Herculx additionally improves the aesthetic appearance of the user's PC. The embedded addressable RGB LED element is Aura Sync compatible, making it simple to synchronize with the rest of a system's lighting. Herculx presents a graphics card with style, thanks to the distinctive 3D lighting pattern and translucent gradient effect above the ROG emblem.

ASUS ROG Wingwall is available now at an RRP of €79.90, ASUS ROG Herculx will be available from the end of April at an RRP of €39.90.

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