ASUS Radeon R9 280 Strix OC Edition Graphics Card

We just chatted about the ASUS GeForce GTX 780 STRIX 6 GB graphics card, but on the Radeon side of things they'll introduce this branding as well. Check out the Radeon R9 280 Strix OC Edition. Again we see a DirectCU II based cooler with a slightly different look. Apparently the cooler offers 0 dBA cooling (no fan RPM) when the GPU is running at temperatures below 65 °C, and begins to spin up once it reaches that threshold.

The SKU comes factory overclocked for you guys, the GPU is allowed to clock at 980 MHz while the memory will run at a 5.2 Gbps data rate. This card comes with one DVI output as well as one HDMI and two mini-DisplayPort connectors.

These cards are Tahiti PRO GPU based. The Tahiti core has a nice 4.3 Billion transistors, 4,312,711,873 to be precise. As a result the GPU is packed with 1792 shader processors harbored in Compute Units segments. Memory volume wise we see 3 Gigabyte of DDR5 memory. This is not done for bragging rights, but AMD simply takes Eyefinity and multiple monitor usage seriously, it is there where the extra memory makes sense. The memory bus is 384-bit.

Basically this is a respin product in a new jacket. Have a peek.

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