ASUS Maximus IV boards for Sandy Bridge

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Yesterday we already showed you the new TUF SaberTooth motherboard ASUS has been working on, there's more though.

Meet the Maximus IV Extreme with Intel's P67-series chipsets. The board also has sensors throughout to deliver accurate temperature readings. Called ASUS Thermal Radar, it will automatically adjust CPU and fan speeds to compensate.

The overclock- and gamer-friendly Maximus IV Extreme has ROG Connect, along with ROG iDirect for iPhone and iPad support. It gets GPU TweakIt, for fine tuning both CPU and GPU performance from the same UI. Both have Bluetooth and USB 3.0 onboard, along with a gigabit Ethernet connection. The mainboards are expected to show up in ASUS systems at the same time as Intel's Sandy Bridge processors early next year.

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