ASUS launches three Z87 ROG motherboards

ASUS announced details and specifications of three new ROG series Z87-based motherboards. ASUS Republic of Gamers today announced three new motherboards that deliver the highest-grade gaming and overclocking performance. Featuring the Intel® Z87 chipset for 4th generation Intel Core™ processor support, the Maximus VI Extreme, Maximus VI Gene and Maximus VI Hero are designed to appeal to both gamers and PC performance seekers in equal measure.

The Republic of Gamers (ROG) Maximus VI Extreme motherboard is designed to set new world performance records with leading overclocking and competitive tuning capabilities. Maximus VI Gene offers all the benefits of ROG gaming excellence in a compact microATX form factor, while Maximus VI Hero offers top-notch gameplay and stability for value-conscious PC DIY customers.

Industry-leading design and exclusive features
All three new ROG motherboards combine advantages of ASUS and ROG research and design expertise. They build upon the finest board layout and circuitry, and ship with an upgraded ROG UEFI BIOS, which provides user-friendly yet deep modification of PC settings.

The new motherboards use premium components to guarantee enhanced stability and long-lasting performance for the most demanding gaming and extreme overclocking. All-digital Extreme Engine Digi+ III technology ensures ultra-precise and stable power delivery for the processor and RAM, aided by 60A BlackWing chokes, 10K Black Metallic capacitors and 90%-efficient NexFET MOSFETs.

Other features include 2nd generation T-Topology DRAM for higher memory frequencies under full load and one-click 4-Way Optimization for instant performance tuning. The ROG UEFI BIOS also features SSD Secure Erase for easy data deletion and SSD performance restoration without the compatibility worries created by third-party software. All three motherboards also feature RAMDisk technology that converts up to 80% of available system RAM into super-fast storage with data rates in excess of 10,000MB/s — over 20-times faster than SATA SSD.

Maximus IV Extreme with OC Panel for high-performance enthusiasts
ROG created the Maximus VI Extreme to improve on the well-established leadership of its namesake predecessors. It has already proven capable of supporting CPU speeds beyond 7GHz and memory frequencies close to 4GHz. The board offers extensive connectivity and its spacious ATX layout supports effortless four-way NVIDIA® SLI™ and AMD CrossFireX™.

Maximus IV Extreme ships with the innovative OC Panel real-time monitoring and overclocking console, usable inside the case (fitting 5.25-inch bays) or externally. As an internal component, OC Panel works in Normal Mode, its 2.6-inch display showing CPU ratio, temperature, base clock, and fan speed info. One-click CPU Level Up and FanSpeed control can be applied instantly.

Externally, OC Panel offers even deeper overclocking and over-volting options, acting as a standalone system-tuning device. It integrates ROG exclusives Subzero Sense and VGA Hotwire to help monitor subzero liquid cooling setups and quickly change graphics card voltages on a hardware level, plus activates pro-grade features such as Slow Mode and Pause Switch as demanded by the global enthusiast community. All settings are adjustable in real-time and quickly applied through easy-reach control buttons.

The mPCIe Combo II expansion card instantly adds extra connections, without taking up a PCI Express slot. It includes high-performance 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0, plus an M.2 Next Generation Form Factor (NGFF) connector for use with new ultra-thin SSDs.

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