ASUS Introduces ROG Thor III 1600W Power Supply with Modular OLED Display

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ASUS unveiled the ROG Thor III, a high-capacity power supply unit (PSU) that features a modular OLED display. The unit, which is designed to meet ATX 3.1 standards, is capable of delivering up to 1600 watts of power, making it suitable for high-performance computing systems, especially those utilizing PCIe 5.0 hardware. The ROG Thor III is an update to its predecessor, the Thor II, and maintains many of the robust specifications while incorporating several significant enhancements. It holds an 80 PLUS Titanium certification, indicating high energy efficiency and performance under various load conditions. One of the notable innovations in the Thor III model is its cooling management.

The unit includes a Turbo mode that enhances cooling efficiency during periods of heavy load, though ASUS has not specified whether the cooling fans are controlled via pulse width modulation. However, given the advancements from the previous model, such a feature is likely present. The distinctive feature of the ROG Thor III is its OLED display, which provides real-time diagnostics including active power load. Unlike the fixed display in earlier models, the Thor III's OLED screen is modular and can be detached. It attaches magnetically to the PSU, allowing users the flexibility to position the display on multiple sides of the unit for optimal visibility, according to their preferences and system configuration. if you're wondering about the pink colored connecter, that would be an intelligent voltage stabilizer ensures stable power delivery to your graphics card for smoother gameplay and unwavering performance. Details regarding the availability and pricing of the ASUS ROG Thor III power supply have not yet been released.

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