ASUS Introduces ExpertWiFi EBM68 and EBR63 Routers for Commercial Needs

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ASUS has announced the release of two routers, the ExpertWiFi EBM68 and EBR63, specifically designed to cater to the needs of commercial establishments ranging from small cafes to medium-sized businesses. 

The ExpertWiFi EBM68 is a tri-band AX7800 mesh system ideal for mid-size businesses or multi-story spaces like hotels or retail stores. On the other hand, the ExpertWiFi EBR63 is a dual-band AX3000 business router suited for cafes, small offices, or home offices (SOHOs). With the ExpertWiFi series, ASUS introduces a range of innovative features to enhance the business router ecosystem. These include Self-Defined Network (SDN), customizable guest portals with a user-friendly interface, and intuitive settings guidance for effortless configuration. Additionally, the routers offer VLAN and VPN support to ensure advanced security for business data and information. They also provide streamlined network expansion options, space-saving designs, and convenient device management through the new ASUS ExpertWiFi app.

Adaptable to many scenarios

The Self-Defined Network (SDN) feature offered by the ASUS ExpertWiFi EBM68 and EBR63 provides up to five SSIDs to separate and prioritize devices for various business usages and network designs — more than any other router in this class. Network segments can be made for employees, guest portals, guest networks, scheduled networks, IoT networks and VPN networks. Meanwhile, the Scenario Explorer can guide network novices on the network setup process. Click into a scenario that is the best fit for a particular type of business, and it will automatically select and adjust advanced features to complete the process in just a few steps. With these tools, small and medium business owners can set up a polished portal for guests and a separate network for employees and IoT devices.

These new routers also support virtual local area network (VLAN) management. VLAN management enables an easy, fast and flexible way to segment the network wired and wirelessly, with up to 16 profiles. Users can dedicate an Ethernet port that provides additional security for their business.

To connect with a guest, ASUS guest portals can be tailored to meet the needs of a business, with custom portal types, branding and visual templates to fit particular business styles and to engage with customers in different ways.

For physical adaptability, the ExpertWiFi EBM68 comes with a wall mount stand to enable better coverage and signal strength when installation space is minimal. The EBR63 comes with a built-in bracket which can be easily adjusted according to the user’s needs; it can act as a cable organizer when placing the router flat on a surface, or the EBR63 can be wall mounted for more efficient placement.

With support for up to twelve node connections, ExpertWiFi routers are also prepared to scale to the customer’s needs, whether it’s a small business or a large factory. Companies can significantly expand their network size, courtesy of ExpertWiFi series compatibility.

Security and privacy

Virtual private networks (VPNs) have become popular, particularly with businesses, because they provide advanced security without compromising convenience. The new ASUS ExpertWiFi router series provides multiple VPN protocols like L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, Open VPN and WireGuard to deliver protection. With support for site-to-site VPNs, ASUS ExpertWiFi routers can also be particularly helpful for organizations that have multiple locations spread out over great distances, such as chain stores and overseas branch offices. Using a site-to-site VPN can quickly help a business owner build up their private network to connect all of these locations and to share information or resources between intranets.

The ASUS ExpertWiFi series also comes with AiProtection Pro, which leverages powerful cybersecurity solutions and cloud data centers in collaboration with Trend Micro™ to shield businesses and all connected devices from cyber threats, with device access control, safe browsing features and one-tap security scans for easy management of settings.

Easy Management

With the ASUS ExpertWiFi App, businesses can set up and manage their networks quickly and conveniently. Additionally, the ASUS ExpertWiFi series allows businesses with multiple branch offices or workplace locations to connect all ExpertWiFi devices under one administrator account. This empowers them to manage various network devices in the ASUS ExpertWiFi App anywhere, anytime. The ExpertWiFi series also offers a backup WAN feature when internet services are not being provided on premises or when they are inaccessible. In this scenario, the business operator can connect one of these ExpertWiFi devices to their Android phone or iPhone with a USB cable to use that phone as a mobile hotspot for the entire local network. More ASUS ExpertWiFi products, including access points, wired routers, switches, are on the way. Businesses will be able to mix and match various topologies and combinations to suit their needs

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