ASUS GPU Tweak II Injects Ads Into Your Games?

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Wowzers, so if you bought an ASUS graphics card then chances are there you've been using ASUS GPU Tweak II to enable that software OC operandus mode, or just use it for tweaking. 

Well, at Reddit a thread just started with complaints that the software is now injecting ASUS advertisements into your game.  If that posts is true, basically, GPU Tweak II has an overlay, much like AfterBurner uses to display OSD framerate monitoring, etc. However, some brilliant minds at ASUS figure, hey  .. let's use that overlay to inject an ASUS advertisement. Have a peek at the following screenshot:

You can see that on the right there is an advertisement block promoting the latest RTX graphics cards. You need to disable it with a hotkey combination. It would not be the first time that ASUS is aggressive in injecting unwanted software and advertisements through their software. Let's hope that news posts like these will make more clear that it isn't acceptable. Also, I've seen just this one single report, it looks to be valid but I'll reserve a disclaimer in the hope this isn't a hoax.

Update: from what we are seeing as that this 'feature' indeed is present in the software, however not enabled by default.

ASUS GPU Tweak II Injects Ads Into Your Games?

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