ASUS Announces G11 Game Desktop

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ASUS announced is the ASUS G11 – this is built for gaming.  It supports M.2 PCIe x4 solid-state drives (SSD), DDR4 memory, and the latest 10Gbit/s USB 3.1 connection. G11 features Mayan-inspired markings and 8-million-color LED effects.

ASUS today announced G11, a high-performance gaming desktop aimed at casual gamers. G11 is powered by a 6th-generation Intel® Core i7 processor and up to NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 980 graphics for unstoppable gaming performance. It also features an M.2 PCIe®3.0 x4 solid-state drive (SSD), DDR4 memory, and 10Gbit/s USB 3.1 Gen 2 for high speed data access. G11 has a futuristic chassis design, and features Mayan-inspired markings and 8-million-color LED effects. The exclusive ASUS Aegis II gaming utility even allows for easy gameplay recording and sharing.  

Intel Core-powered gaming performance

ASUS G11 features the latest 6th-generation Intel Core i7 processor to give users the performance to take on the most demanding of tasks, allowing them to play games at the highest quality settings, watch stutter-free 4K/UHD videos, or create websites and 3D models for work. The latest processor is 23% more powerful and 22% more energy-efficient than the previous generation.

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 graphics card used in G11 delivers immersive 4K/UHD gaming visuals. It even enables HD gaming on up to three displays, with an option to add a fourth display via a HDMI connection.

The latest M.2 PCIe 3.0 x4 SSD provides data access speeds of up to 2Gbit/s — four times faster than SATA SSDs — so the system boots up faster, apps load quicker, and in-game wait times are much shorter. DDR4 SDRAM provides speeds of up to 2.1GT/s — twice that of DDR3 — for highly-stable performance. DDR4 is also more efficient than DDR3, requiring just 1.2V, so users enjoy up to 20% in energy savings. There’s even 10Gbit/s USB 3.1 Gen 2 for double the data transfer rates of USB 3.0.

Aggressive chassis design with customizable LED effects

ASUS G11 has a futuristic spacecraft-inspired design and features a menacing red and black color scheme, and Mayan-derived markings. The aggressive chassis design features three red ‘flames’ on its flanks, while a customizable 8-million-color LED effects panel dominates the front chassis face. The latter can be programmed to create ambient lighting that suits the game currently being played; or can be set to Pulse mode – where it emits a soft pulsing glow.

Aegis II utilities and SonicMaster audio

The exclusive Aegis II system performance monitoring enhances the user’s gaming experience, and helps them track CPU/memory use, download and upload status, and gives warnings if the system exceeds temperature and voltage thresholds. GameAlive makes it easy to record and edit gameplay videos to share on social media; while Boost Launcher automatically frees up CPU and RAM resources to ensure smooth gameplay.

ASUS SonicMaster audio technology delivers incredible sound through a headset or speakers thanks to a unique mix of hardware and audio tuning software. ROG AudioWizard sound processing provides an additional layer of audio enhancement; with up to five customizable preset modes that can be easily accessed on the fly.

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