Asus Addresses Router Connectivity Issues and Provides Solution

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Asus has officially recognized a widespread connectivity issue impacting a considerable number of its routers recently. The tech giant has already started addressing the problem and suggests that a router reboot should fix the persistent connectivity interruptions.

Beginning around May 16, reports of sudden connection failures with Asus routers began to emerge, causing widespread user dissatisfaction. As Bleeping Computer notes, those affected found their routers frequently ceasing operation due to memory overload after attempted restarts. These complaints were lodged on platforms like the Asus forum and Reddit, though it remains uncertain which specific router models were impacted.

In response, Asus has pinpointed the primary source of the glitch. The firm attributes it to a mistake in the configuration of their server settings, yet no additional information has been divulged. Asus assures that a simple router reboot should rectify the situation for most users. However, if this doesn't yield results, it's suggested that users save their current configuration settings, execute a factory reset on the router, and then reapply the saved configurations.

ArsTechnica indicates that the root of the issue may stem from a corrupt definition file for ASD, a built-in security feature that receives automatic updates irrespective of users' automatic firmware update settings. This led to the discovery that reverting to a previous firmware version did not alleviate the problem. It's theorized that the routers' file systems and memory became overloaded upon receiving the defective file, thereby causing the frequent crashes.

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Asus Addresses Router Connectivity Issues and Provides Solution

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