ASRock working on Mk2 version of Radeon Phantom Gaming Series

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While we recently reviewed the Phantom Gaming RX580 OC from ASRock, over in Asia Xfastest organized a product briefing with several manufacturers. Among the presenters was ASRock, and they showed slides on the current and future plans for graphics cards.

There are some interesting points to note. First off, ASRock will remain AMD Radeon solely, that is for sure, so do not expect anything NVIDIA GeForce from them. In a product roadmap, they are showing to be aggressively working on new SKUs. They've created a time-line running up-to February 2019 in this slide, that also is a bit indicative on the AMD side, from the looks of it there is nothing new (600 series) until that timeframe?

ASRock will be releasing new models of that graphics cards though you can see Mk2 entries, Mark two, as in revision two. It will be interesting to see if they can improve on cooling, as that is a bit of an Achilles heel with the current OC model, they are a notch too loud. ASRock also shared some slides explaining the naming behind the product series, have a peek. 


Source: XFastest

ASRock working on Mk2 version of Radeon Phantom Gaming Series

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