Asetek to sue Cooler Master

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Yesterday word came out that Asetek is going after Cooler Master, claiming CM's new Seidon 120M, Seidon 120XL and Seidon 240M infringe upon two of its watercooling patents. Asetek tells the court that it informed Cooler Master to cease and desist on November 28th, 2012 but given the lack of a satisfactory response, Asetek decided to go the legal route on January 31st, 2013. The company wants Cooler Master to cease and desist on infringing both patents and it wants damages paid.

This involves patents 8245764 and 8240362 in the USA. These patents where granted in August 2012. Asetek in the past already has sued other competition like CoolIT. 

I don't see whether a patent breach is warranted really, the liquid cooling loop setup is such a common thing and the patients have too little details as far as I can see. What's next Asetek ? Sue the car industry ? They use the same liquid cooling methods as well.

Oh in other news, we are reviewing the Seidon kits as we speak ;)

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