Arctic Liquid Freezer II water coolers with RGB and ARGB available

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New variations of its Liquid Freezer II water cooler were introduced from Arctic. In addition to the RGB-less versions which were launched in 2019, new models are now available with RGB or ARGB fan with a rad option size of 240 or 360 millimeters.

The units are based on the same hardware, the Liquid Freezer II. Arctic uses radiators that are 38mm thick, providing more cooling surface than the average water cooler of the same size. Of course, it does mean that they take up a bit more space and you have to pay attention to compatibility, especially with smaller cases. The small 40 mm fan in the pump block has also remained. The difference are the (radiator) fans. These are P12 PWM (A)RGB models, which, just like the RGB-less versions, do their job between 200 and 1,800 rpm. According to Arctic, the noise production is 0.3 Sone, which is approximately equal to 22.4 dB. Each fan produces a static pressure of 1.85 mm H 2 O and up to 48.8 cfm of airflow. 

Intel sockets 115x, 1200, 2011-3, and 2066 are supported, in addition to AMD's am4. The Arctic supplies its own MX-5 thermal paste and gives the water coolers a six-year warranty. The Liquid Freezer II rgb is for sale on the company's own site for € 94.99; the argb edition costs €109.99. Arctic asks €129.99 (rgb) and €139.99 (argb) for the 360mm version. The coolers are already available in several web shops, in some cases for significantly less than the recommended retail price.

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