Arctic Freezer 13 Continuous Operation CPU Coolers

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Arctic introduced two new CPU coolers specifically designed for gaming/enthusiast PCs that stay on 24x7, or for "continuous operation".

Two models are released, the bigger Freezer 13 Pro CO and smaller Freezer 13 CO, designed for thermal loads of up to 300W and 200W, respectively. The 24x7-readiness comes from the fans, that use dual ball-bearing and are designed to be less sensitive to dust. Arctic claims that the fans used are 5 times more durable than generic fans. Both are aluminum fin tower-type heatsinks that consist of U-shaped copper heat pipes that pass through a copper base, conveying heat to the arms that pass through the aluminum fin stack.

Measuring 134L x 96W x 159H mm, and weighing 893 g, the Freezer 13 Pro CO uses a 120 mm fan that spins at 300 - 1350 RPM, pushing 49.7 CFM of air through the heatsink. It also uses a 50 mm blower that sits on top of the CPU base, which resembles the blowers found in single-slot VGA coolers, it spins at speeds of 700 - 2700 RPM, blowing air in all directions, cooling the components around the CPU socket such as VRM, memory, and northbridge. It uses four copper heat pipes that pass through the heat fins in a uniform file. The Freezer 13 Pro CO is priced at US $58.32.

At 706 g, measuring 123 L x 96 W x 130 H mm, the smaller Freezer 13 CO uses a 92 mm fan that spins at 600 - 2000 RPM, pushing 36.4 CFM of air through the fin stack. The stack itself is a lot more compact than the one on the Pro variant, heat is fed to it by four copper heat pipes. This cooler goes for $43.71. Both coolers have a film of Arctic MX-4 thermal compound pre-applied, both are backed by 6 years warranty. That should tell you something about the durability of the fans, to put up with 6 years of grueling 24x7 operation [via tpu]

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