Archos launches the first Google Android Oreo Powered Scooter

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Well, don't shoot the messenger. ARCHOS, which has marketed a complete range of urban mobility since January 2017, is expanding it today with three new models. The ARCHOS Citee Connect, the first Google Android scooter, fully imagined, prototyped and assembled in France, will delight the most connected commuters. 

Also previewed at the MWC 2018 (Hall 6 - Stand B60), the ARCHOS Citee and ARCHOS Citee Power scooters will bring to the many riders eager to optimize their trips, solutions as enjoyable as reliable. They will be available from April 2018 starting at 399.99 €. The ARCHOS Citee Connect will hit the shelves in the summer of 2018 at 499.99 €.

Designed and assembled in France, the ARCHOS Citee Connect is the first Google Android scooter. With its multimedia
dashboard, it comes in a large high definition screen, with a touch panel, embedding all the functions of a smartphone. Powered
by a quad-core processor, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of flash memory, and Google Android 8 ("Oreo"), this 5-inch display is protected
against shocks and bad weather. It not only shows speed but also distance traveled and remaining battery level. It is connected
in 3G, allowing the driver to access numerous applications and services during journeys.

The ARCHOS Citee Connect is equipped with ergonomic handles and large wheels (8.5 inches), puncture-proof and dimpled for better suspension. Its 250W motor and 36V battery give it a range of over 25 kilometers in urban areas. The battery life can be increased by 15% thanks to its energy recovery system, which automatically recharges the battery with each braking. It can also be charged via a docking station, very conveniently, available as an option.

The electric scooter ARCHOS Citee is made of aluminum, for a maximum of lightness and resistance. It is equipped with large wheels for more comfort on the tracks. Easy to drive with its three speeds, it can reach a maximum speed of 22 to 25 km / h. It offers an excellent level of safety, with its rear brake and reflective strips on the sides. Its acceleration and deceleration can be adjusted from the handlebars. It folds in the blink of an eye, safely, thanks to a dedicated latch, and weighs less than 12 kgs. Its display shows the speed and remaining level of the battery. It can support up to 100 kgs. ARCHOS Citee Power The electric scooter ARCHOS Citee Power can follow all types of lanes, including the steepest, with its large 8.5 inch wheels. It provides maximum adequacy to traffic conditions and comfort with its two speed levels, slow or fast. Truly adapted to roads, it reaches a maximum speed of 25 km / h for a range of 18 to 22 kms. Ultra-secured, it is equipped with disc brakes, a non-slip coating, a headlight, a light that signals the braking in the back and a bell, convenient to warn its presence. Resistant, with a high-quality aluminum frame, it folds easily and is carried everywhere with its hook attachment. Its LED display shows the speed and remaining battery level.

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